Our Venue Management In Practice

Programming, Producing and Venue Hire

Programming & Producing

Pegasus understands that there is a fundamental driver in any infrastructure development - to optimise usage. Industry trends show the increase of entrepreneurial programming as a strategy to maximise occupancy, develop audiences and increase profile. The success of the program presented at any venue should not be simply measured by financial success alone - Pegasus has the skills, experience and networks to implement successful programs and produce events at all scales.

Pegasus is well equipped to manage the programming and producing processes in our venues due to our specific arts marketing experience, relationships with principle arts organisations, funding bodies and industry wide networks and expertise in budgeting and financial modelling.

Our industry-wide networks and the specific experience of our key personnel and projects undertaken companywide demonstrate our capabilities in this field.

Venue Hire

Venue Hire occurs across a spectrum of financial relationships and in a variety of venue types. Whether it is a local dance school looking to perform in a professional venue, a large corporate event needing a large capacity, private events or touring companies, Pegasus knows how to connect with all hirer types and ensure the success of every event.

Our skilled teams in each venue support all facets of the hiring process:

  • Event Management
  • Ticketing
  • Technical/Production
  • Front of House
  • Marketing
  • Event staffing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Risk Management

To ensure equitable access to the venue across all hirer types, Pegasus develops hiring policies (usually in cooperation with the venue owners). These policies allow for:

  • Access for community groups at discounted rates
  • Priority booking periods for key users and effective diary management
  • Packaged or "Bare Walls" pricing options
  • Limited financial exposure

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