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Contract Venue Management

This management function provides an organisational structure which is designed to be flexible, integrated and geared to safeguard the assets of Council. Outsourced management effectively relieves Council of most of the legal and financial burdens of the venue's operations. Under this model, the contracted manager usually carries the legal and financial responsibility for the facility for an annual management fee whilst delivering the agreed cultural outcomes.

Contrary to some perceptions, contract management does not mean privatisation which involves the sell-off of the asset as a whole. Contract management is a more advantageous solution for government venue owners - this option allows government to retain sufficient control and ensures appropriate cultural services delivery to all stakeholders.

Contract Management affords the venue the necessary flexibility to respond to the needs of performing arts (or cultural) centre management, whilst providing for finite financial input by Council.

Pegasus would be pleased to discuss how contract venue management may work for your organisation. We understand that there isn't a model which suits every venue - each venue management contract is tailored specifically to the requirements of the government-owner and the delivery of cultural outcomes for the community.

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