Our Venue Management In Practice


Pegasus' venues comply with accessibility regulations, however our commitment goes further than that which is mandated.

Pegasus is committed to equality of access and had signed City Recital Hall as an affiliate to the Companion Card program even before the scheme has officially commenced. The company has been a proud advocate of the scheme to our hirers and venue colleagues through APACA. The Companion Card enables people with disability, who require an attendant carer, to attend venues and events without being charged two admission fees. So our commitment is more than simply discounted carers' tickets - it is free carers' tickets.

For those disabled patrons on pensions, Pegasus ensures concession discounts are available for all entrepreneurial events and proactively recommends to hirers that they follow suit. Pegasus ensures that tickets can be purchased easily by those with a disability. Those with limited mobility and the visually impaired can purchase by phone, while those with hearing impairment may purchase over the counter or online. We request that those patrons requiring wheelchair positions contact us by phone to ensure that we place them in the most appropriate position for their needs.

Each venue under our management includes dedicated pages on the website to advise patrons in advance on use of the hearing loop and where they might find disabled toilets, so they may feel armed with information and less embarrassed about asking for information once at the venue.

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