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Why Pegasus?

Complementary skills... The Pegasus Group incorporates complementary business streams / services - programming, producing, event management, venue design and planning - these skills translate into a wider variety of services available to support our venue planning contracts activities.

Experience, experience, experience... Pegasus only employs skilled, experienced and professional consultants with a wide range of skills. Pegasus senior management personnel have over (combined) 75 years of working in venues across Australia including city, metropolitan and regional venues. We know what it takes to create successful, lively venues.

We keep it local... Wherever possible, Pegasus engages suppliers and sub-contractors from within the local government area. As venues represent a large capital and operational cost for constituents (in both metropolitan and regional centres), we ensure the venue injects positive economic returns back into the community.

We work with you.... We understand the importance of building public goodwill surrounding any project and our consultants are skilled collaborators who understand the requirements of working within a local government framework.

We understand the needs of all venue stakeholders... during any consultation process it is important to be sensitive and respectful of community and industry stakeholders. Pegasus ensures our work remains inclusive and socially responsible no matter the project outcomes.

An active industry member... Pegasus actively encourages and invests in entrepreneurial programs, representing the wide cultural spectrum within the Australian performing arts market. Pegasus has a close working relationship with key players in the performing arts industry, both commercial and not-for-profit.

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