Your Vision. Our Experience.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
    New venues, upgrades and rebuilds.
  • Venue Design Advice & Peer Review
    Working with the architects and other design consultants; reviewing venue plans for optimum operational efficiency.
  • Business and/or Marketing Planning
    For new and established venues.
  • Programming Advice and Negotiation
    Establishing annual programs, liaising with promoters and developing hiring protocols on the venue's behalf.
  • Community and Industry Consultations
    Engaging with key venue stakeholders.
  • Operations Reviews and Venue Audits
    Reviewing the operations of existing venues and identifying shortfalls and opportunities.
  • Upgrade and Refurbishment Advice
    Cost benefit analysis and detailed specifications.
  • Project Management and Project Planning
    Oversight of refurbishment or building programs, including milestoned project plans and the coordination of specialist contractors.